Café Mocha with a Shot of FREE WIFI please | Day in a Life of a Virtual Assistant

Café Mocha with a Shot of FREE WIFI Please

Day in a Life of a Virtual Assistant…

By Cielo Cloud


Internet Cafes…Coffee Shops with FREE Wi-Fi are one of the latest craze in today’s society.  They don’t just serve fancy coffee or tea anymore; they are providing a space where you can work or lounge and get immersed in the internet realm for hours. 

I once thought that Internet Cafes were just a passing trend but apparently, I was very wrong.  I see now, just like social media, it is definitely here to stay.

If you want to find a bunch of professional telecommuters, mlm reps, college students, social mommy bloggers or social media addicts, just go to your local coffee shop.  If they are serving FREE Wi-Fi, chances are, they are there. 

Coffee shops in my part of town have become a hub for these virtual workers and socialites.  I can only imagine how many business meetings are taking place or casual networking on a daily basis.  I am sure they are happening everywhere. 

Some people work remotely for big corporations and some are self-employed like me.  It isn’t uncommon these days to find out that your neighbor telecommutes too.

My decision to become a Virtual Assistant was based on the concept of working remotely.  It was the whole idea! 

Working from home is ideal but because I like to change my scenery to keep things interesting; I venture out a couple times a week to find a virtual hub to meet clients or associates and work there.  I usually end up working from one of the major coffee shop franchises, like Starbucks or Panera Bread because they are literally at every corner.  However, I do have a favorite coffee house and it is a little family owned and operated shop.

During regular business hours, Mon-Thurs and sometimes on Fridays, finding a nice comfortable spot at a buzzing café with FREE Wi-Fi is like trying to find prime real estate in a booming market. 

The early birds have already claimed their spot, laid out their laptop and set up shop.  We all know who all the other regulars are by first name or trade and acknowledge each other with the head nod.  They all have their favorite spot in the shop too.  Some, if late, are like vultures…waiting for a good spot to open up so they can hurry up and take it over. 

I can’t help but laugh when I see someone literally sprinting with laptop and extension cord in hand toward the recently vacant table next to the open electrical outlets.  It reminds me so much of a casino on a busy payday weekend, the regulars know which slot machines are HOT and if you are on one, they are waiting for you to leave. 

You can see them from the corner of your eye, leering at you as if to intimidate you, so you would hurry up and move.  Ok, I am exaggerating but hey it has happened to me before.  Some are more courteous than others.

No matter how loud or busy it is, real telecommuters don’t seem to mind if John, the Insurance Broker is talking loudly on his cell phone to help a client or if Joe, the eager mlm rep, is trying to close a sale with a prospect. 

Once you have found your spot, plugged in for power, connected to the FREE Wi-Fi with your latte in hand, it really doesn’t matter.  We all go there with a purpose and personally, I am able to shut out the all the noise if I need to focus on finishing up a project for a deadline. 

However, it is advisable to follow certain coffee shop etiquette but that is another topic I need to blog about. Ha! 

It is definitely not a place for all freelancers but I do enjoy it.  I know it is crowded and loud some of the time but there is something I love about working from a coffee shop. 

You can feel the buzz and energy of the room from people working, networking or socializing online or offline.  It is probably the caffeine doing it’s work.

It is a lot like Facebook or a live chat room; everyone comes out to hang out for one reason or another but mainly it is to interact with others or just people watch.  I do both!  It is great for research and it keeps work alive and interesting. 

Life of a Virtual Assistant…so fun and interesting.

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justaskCieloCloudCielo Cloud is a Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur.  Gaining most of her experience in Corporate America as an Executive Assistant, she decided to go into business for herself and founded Virtual Outsource Concept in 2008.  She serves as the CEO, Business Developer, Business Trainer as well as a Distributor for Organo Gold.  She passionately trains, develops new Virtual Assistants and teaches Business Owners how to maximize their full business potential.  Her vision is to ultimately empower other women to start their own businesses that work in alignment with their true passion and purpose.

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