Top 10 Coffee Shop Must Haves

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Top 10 Coffee Shop Must Haves

From a Virtual Assistant’s Perspective…

By Cielo Cloud

I was a couple hours away from home for a business meeting.  Shortly after my meeting ended, an important client called and made an urgent request and it needed immediate attention. 

I was given 3 hours to complete.  Instantly, I searched for a local coffee shop so that I can connect to free Wi-Fi so that I can access the internet.

I wasn’t familiar with the area so I was frantically driving around to check every corner.  I found a shop and I hurried in to find out that they didn’t have Wi-Fi! 

I left quickly to look for another shop and found one a few blocks down the street with a big sign on their window that read, “FREE Wi-Fi” but when I walked in, I discovered that there were no seats available. 

Luckily, I found another cafe right around the other corner.  I found a seat immediately but I realized that there were no electrical outlets that I could use.  All the other electrical outlets were taken and there weren’t very many! 

My laptop had a short battery life, so that was not good for me but I had no choice but to do what I had to do.  I had already wasted way too much time and at that point my time dwindled down to a little over 2 hours.

After the frantic searching, the good news was that I was able to get to work and finally finish my project.  I sent it off in time but it was definitely a very close call. 

It did get me to thinking about how it would be a virtual worker’s dream if all coffee shops offered the following basic amenities that Virtual Assistants like me would appreciate. 

I decided to create a list.

My top 10 Coffee Shop Must Haves:

  1. Free Wi-Fi with good speed – Should be an internet cafe’ standard
  2. Nice Ambiance – You want to feel comfortable if you plan to be there for a while
  3. Must be clean – Should include the bathrooms of course
  4. Ample seating and tables
  5. Enough working space so that you don’t elbow your neighbor
  6. Good Lighting
  7. Ample electrical outlets throughout for those who are planning to be there for more than the life of their laptop battery
  8. Comfortable room temperature – Not too cold and not too hot
  9. Good tasting and affordable coffee & pastries
  10. Great Customer Service – Mainly because everyone wants to feel important.

Virtual Assistants like myself have to be productive no matter where we are.  I strongly believe that in order to provide the best service to my clients, I should be available as much as I can from where ever I am. 

Technology has truly changed the way we do business.  Plus, it didn’t make sense to spend more money renting a Wi-Fi stick when chances are, I will be sitting in a Wi-Fi hotspot such as a coffee shop drinking coffee anyways?

Do you find yourself surfing the internet or working from your local coffee shop?  How does your favorite coffee shop compare?  What do you think every coffee shop should have?

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justaskCieloCloudCielo Cloud is a Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur.  Gaining most of her experience in Corporate America as an Executive Assistant, she decided to go into business for herself and founded Virtual Outsource Concept in 2008.  She serves as the CEO, Business Developer, Business Trainer as well as a Distributor for Organo Gold.  She passionately trains, develops new Virtual Assistants and teaches Business Owners how to maximize their full business potential.  Her vision is to ultimately empower other women to start their own businesses that work in alignment with their true passion and purpose.

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