What Will Your Legacy Be?

What Will Your Legacy Be?

by Cielo Cloud

Whitney Houston’s passing was tragic news for me.  I grew up listening to her music and to me she will always be one of the best female musical icons of all times.  Alive, she was already a legend.  Many aspired to be like her.  She possessed such an amazing God-given gift that impacted the world in a powerful way.  Everyone throughout the world knows her or knows at least one of her songs.  I wonder if she had any idea how her music made memories for many. She was a true Artist.  Her voice and stage presence was elegantly poised and riveting.  She had the ability to evoke many emotions in just one song or even in one note. 

My post right now is inspired by her death because it totally reconfirms my belief that it is completely selfish of us to think that our gifts and talents are for us only because it is not. Someone in this world needs you to BE ALL YOU CAN BE because it may BE YOU that can IMPACT A LIFE for the better.  We have to pull up our BIG BOY/GIRL pants and start LIVING a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. 

Our lives are meant to be shared so that we can help others. Our challenges are our testimonies and our victories are our proof.  I can not count the amount of times that one of Whitney’s songs lifted me up, inspired me or made me cry.  She had the gift to move people in different ways.  The lyrics to her songs were always motivational and inspiring.  We need to be more accountable because our gifts are not ours but given to us for a purpose and that is to help others.

RIP Whitney Houston. Despite some of the negative aspects of her life, Whitney’s life is one to be celebrated. Let us remember the great things.  She leaves behind her music.  It is her legacy and it will live forever! 

What will your legacy be? 

Stop holding back and start living life the way it was meant to be lived!  SHINE!

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  1. charles

    I love your article. You should watch the video “What will my Legacy be, The official Video, By Minister Johnson. You will be blessed. a very powerfull message!

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